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Hi, I'm Sarah Gleeson

I'm a Trauma Alchemist

I help trauma survivors experience the transformative power of turning their wounds into purpose

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Hi, I'm Sarah Gleeson

I'm a Trauma Alchemist

I help trauma survivors experience the transformative power of turning their wounds into purpose.

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You're a Soulful Survivor. You've gone through hell… you've started to heal…and you want to share your story in a way that will support others going through that same kind of hell.

You've gone to therapy to get support and process your trauma. You've probably bought courses or programs but weren't able to complete them. You've probably tried learning about podcasting or publishing on your own but weren't able to get it going. You may have even tried hiring a book coach or a business mentor, but they just didn't understand what you've been through or how the past trauma still has an effect on what you do...or how you do it!

It's frustrating and confusing when you're more than willing to DO THE WORK, but sometimes you just get stuck and can’t move forward.

The truth is...when you've personally experienced trauma, and you want to create a product, program, or organization to improve the lives of people suffering through a similar experience– you need a coach who understands what it means to be a trauma survivor! A coach who can integrate the psychological support and business skills you need to break free from the things getting in your way of getting it done.

I'm Sarah Gleeson. I get it.....and I'm here to help!

So What's a Trauma Alchemist?

  • I have survived multiple traumas. I understand deep the desire to become strong again by transforming your vulnerability into a strength to help others.
  • I know the deep need to find meaning in your experiences by sharing your story and helping people you haven't even met yet.
  • I know that to fulfill these desires and needs, you need someone alongside you who manages the process as you heal your wounds, find your voice, and figure out how to use it to transform the lives of others.
  • I have an uncommon combination of specialized education and experience, making me uniquely qualified to work with trauma survivors to help them bring about the change they want to see in the world. My background includes:
    • A degree in applied psychology, certification as a clinical hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner, and I am currently studying to obtain a social work degree
    • A diploma in business administration and 30 years of education and experience in leadership and performance development
    • Working with leaders in a variety of industries to navigate organizational goals and the complexities of human behavior
    • Expertise as an international speaker, consultant, coach, and best-selling author, as well as being a contributor to multiple large publications and podcasts.

But above all,

I am a trauma survivor.

My own experience with multiple traumatic experiences allows me to bring all of my professional experience together to educate and empower you to achieve your vision. I’ve been in the trenches with so many kinds of trauma that nothing shocks me, I find nothing shameful, and nothing can stop me – or you – from using past trauma to create positive and meaningful change in the world.

Now I help trauma survivors create their own Purpose ProjectTM but without the struggles they face doing it alone....or with the wrong mentor.

I'm different from other consultants and coaches because…

I've been there. I've done that. And I'm in it with you.

Our work together is not theoretical. You get into action, and I get in it with you. I help you through whatever feelings or challenges arise. Together we create a safe space to take off your armor, transform your trauma and use your voice to heal others and contribute to the ripple effect of meaningful change.

My science-based integrated approach allows you to continue your healing journey while developing a platform to share with others.

My program is grounded in the best practices of psychology, neuroscience, business, marketing, and more, so you heal while you create the business you've always wanted.

You choose the Purpose ProjectTM that is right for you.

Do you want to create a podcast? We can do that. Do you want to write a book? Then we'll do that! Do you want to become a coach or create an organization of somekind? Let's do that then! I am not going to "should" all over you. We will make what you want to create.

I have one mission...

To help and support soulful survivors who have experienced trauma, and are determined to reclaim their lives with resilience, grace, and purpose.

Let's Talk!

I'm Ready

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